Strategic Plan 2021-2026

  • Project Goals and Objectives

    • What should be the purpose and potential of a liberal arts college at a technology-centered university in the 21st century?

  • Design and facilitate a strategic planning process that incorporates the strengths of the Ivan Allen College and provides opportunities for community and subject matter expert engagement.

  • Provide project management and facilitation support throughout the study analysis and strategic planning processes.

  • Convene a study committee to produce a report consisting of findings, conclusions and recommendations on the following study question: “What should be the purpose and potential of a liberal arts college at a technology-centered university in the 21st century?

  • Provide guidance to the study committee as they develop points of view on topics that are related to the study question, including, but not limited to:

    1. What should a liberal arts school aspire towards in terms of impact?

    2. What academic disciplines support both the College’s potential for impact and its contribution to the Georgia Tech Strategic Vision?

    3. In what ways should the curriculum, research and outreach within the College be redefined to support our purpose and potential?

    4. What types of co-curricular and experiential learning experiences are needed for liberal arts students today and in the future?

    5. How can we elevate the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental health in the experience of IAC faculty, staff and students?

    6. How can we increase the integration of ROTC programs into the fabric of IAC?

    7. In what ways can IAC expand leadership roles and professional development opportunities for faculty, staff,and students?

    8. What are IAC’s opportunities for diversifying funding streams and expanding its funding portfolio?

  • Facilitate the engagement of subject matter experts who will provide their insights to the study committee as they complete the analysis process.

  • Provide a framework to the study committee to support their work to identify relevant data and draw conclusions that will become the foundation for the final study report.

  • Provide guidance to the Dean with respect to the alignment of the IAC organizational structure in pursuit of the defined purpose and potential emerging from the study.

  • Facilitate the development of the foundational elements of the College strategic plan – mission, vision, goals, objectives, and metrics.

  • Facilitate the development of an action plan that clearly defines the owners, metrics, timelines,and resource requirements for each major objective defined in the plan.

  • Establish a cadence and process for tracking and reporting progress and continuous improvement.