Tech in the News: Books 2020: How to Understand Global Populism

Kirk Bowman

Posted December 31, 2020

External Article: Global Atlanta

Kirk Bowman, Rise Up & Care Professor of Global Development and Identify in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, has reviewed, Populism: A Very Short Introduction in “Books 2020: How to Understand Global Populism.” The article written for Global Atlanta was selected because it was one of Bowman’s most impactful books read in 2020. 


“Populism” tends to pop up in political conversations these days, yet the concept is little understood, and its meaning constantly morphs in the press, in social media and in conversation. How do we make sense of a classification that applies to both leftwing politicians such as Mexico’s AMLO and Venezuela’s Maduro, as well as rightwing leaders such as USA’s Trump, Hungary’s Orban and Brazil’s Bolsonaro? And what is (and should be) the relationship between populism and democracy?  

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