The Map: National Urban History Experts Applaud Syracuse Reporting on Redlining

Todd Michney

Posted April 26, 2021

External Article: CNYCentral

Todd Michney, assistant professor in the School of History and Sociology, was quoted in the story "The Map: National Urban History Experts Applaud Syracuse Reporting on Redlining," published April 26, 2021, in CNYCentral

The article explores the maps that first instituted the pattern of racially discriminatory "redlining" in housing programs, which have been archived as part of the University of Richmond's "Mapping Inequality" project. Michney, who has spent considerable time studying the impact of housing policies on urban demographics, contributed thoughts to the article.


Michney, particularly finds it notable that the Syracuse Map was in the War Department files of the National Archives which he feels shows the cross-department reach of the outlining of ethnic neighborhoods and discriminatory practices that stretched beyond federal housing and lending programs.

Setting aside the precise details of the origin of 'The Map,' as an urban historian Michney sees great value in a wide-ranging discussion of the topic of redlining and government discrimination.

He is seeing progress in those conversations taking place more often. "My main interest is getting out the word, getting more people into the discussion," said Michney.

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