Meet Lisa Yaszek: Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies

Lisa Yaszek

Posted May 25, 2021

External Article: Shoutout Atlanta

External Article: Shoutout Atlanta

Lisa Yaszek, Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, was interviewed in the article, "Meet Lisa Yaszek: Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies," published May 18, 2021 in Shoutout Atlanta.


I’m a Regents Professor at Georgia Tech, and what distinguishes me from many other scholars is my field of study: science fiction! I’m fascinated by science fiction as a “global language” that all different kinds of people use to convey their ideas about science, society, and the future across centuries, continents, and cultures. I’m particularly interested in the recovery of lost voices in science fiction history and the discovery of new ones from around the globe. Most of my research and teaching revolves around speculative art created by women, Black authors, and scientists, and I’m fortunate because I get to write books about all these wonderful artists and then share my ideas in the popular press.