Will ‘Green Energy’ Produce More Jobs? Three Experts Discuss

Marilyn Brown

Posted November 9, 2021

External Article: The Wall Street Journal

Marilyn Brown, a Regents' and Brook Byers professor of sustainable systems in the School of Public Policy, was quoted in the article, 'Will ‘Green Energy’ Produce More Jobs? Three Experts Discuss' published Nov. 9, 2021, in The Wall Street Journal.

An excerpt:

DR. BROWN: That depends on if you assume whether or not we’re in a full-employment economy. The U.S. has something like 4.6% unemployment, which is measured as people striving for work that can’t find it or aren’t fit for it. There is some friction. And if green jobs could be introduced into the economy in a way that draws them into the productive workforce without extracting them from another industry, I just don’t see that as a cost.