Elena Antoniadou


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  • School of Economics
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Dr Antoniadou is a part-time instructor, having taught economics at Emory University for the past four years. She teaches microeconomics classes. Dr Antoniadou’s current research focuses on models of choice under uncertainty when consumers face multiple imperfectly substitutable risks and when uncertainty is not resolved prior to consumption, thus leading to interaction and trade-off between consumption preferences and attitudes to risk. These models are applicable to financial decision making but also to non-financial risks such as health risks. Dr Antoniadou previously taught at the University of Virginia, Australian National University, the University of Cyprus, University of London and Cambridge University. She has worked in various roles, including regulatory oversight, in the Australian Federal government, and has been involved with private start-ups.


Research Fields:
  • Microtheory


  • ECON-2100: Economics and Policy
  • ECON-4340: Industrial Organization
  • ECON-6106: Microeconomic Analysis
  • ECON-6460: Industrial Organization
  • ECON-8801: Special Topics