Liberal Arts Classes at Georgia Tech

Our class options and curriculum are designed with a multidisciplinary approach that allows students to specialize in areas of their choosing. These classes are taught by distinguished scholars from around the globe who balance research and publication with a dedication to teaching. They are passionate, engaged, and devoted to the academic and professional success of their students. See below for examples of both our classes and professors.


"Introduction to the History of Disease and Medicine" taught by Dr. John Tone, Professor in the School of History and Sociology

Undergraduate Course Spotlights

  • Chinese Strategy & the Art of War
  • Constructing Moving Images
  • Econometrics
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Energy and International Security
  • French Literature 1800-1900
  • Global Enterprise
  • Global Cinema
  • Great Power Relations
  • Health Policy
  • History of Intelligence
  • International Energy Markets
  • International Political Economy
  • Political Songwriting in German
  • Negotiating Sustainability
  • Science Fiction
  • Science, Technology, and Sports
  • Women and Gender in the Middle East

'Human Rights'... cemented my interest in International Affairs. It was so heart wrenching to read about genocide and oppression and eye opening to try to understand all the red tape that goes along with intervention. In that class I learned how to think as a global citizen.

       – Erin
           International Affairs and
           Modern Languages

  • 430
    average classes each fall & spring
  • 5:1
    student-to-faculty ratio
  • 24
    average class size

Professor Spotlights

Blurb / Gallery Set

Dr. Shatakshee Dhongde is an economist specializing in the analysis of globalization and its impact on economic growth, poverty, and income inequality in her research and the courses she teaches.

Dr. Johnny Smith is an historian of the twentieth century United States. He specializes in race, sports, and popular culture, and he serves as the undergraduate advisor for the Sports, Society, and Technology (SST) program.

Dr. Jenna Jordan specializes in terrorism, population transfers, attachment to territory, and international security. Her book manuscript focuses on the leadership decapitation of terrorist organizations.

Dr. Hugh Crawford is a specialist in literature and medicine, cinema and science, medical imaging technologies, the novels of Herman Melville, and the poetry of William Carlos Williams.

Dr. Osvaldo Cleger is a language professor specializing in Latin American culture. His latest research focus is on the impact that recent technological developments have on the cultural and literary field.

Dr. Emanuele Massetti specializes in energy, climate, and environmental policy. His latest research now focuses on methods to estimate impacts of climate change and adaptation, especially in agriculture.