Strategic Plan 2023-2030

Students stand over digital table with their hands spread across the table pointing at various locations. The image is faded with white and the text reads "Strategic Plan 2023-2030" with the Ivan Allen College logo and other decorative elements.


IAC’s forward momentum is driven by an interdisciplinary learning environment, connecting us to one another in our College, to our colleagues at Georgia Tech, and to local, regional, national, and global communities. Based on a strong sense of belonging, we strive for positive change in our environment, community health, and national security. As we continue to develop foundations for lifelong learning through our curriculum, research labs, and mentoring programs, we are excited to see the positive impact our talented students make at Georgia Tech and beyond.

Our strategic plan is designed to answer the question: What should be the purpose and potential of a liberal arts college at a technology-focused university in the 21st century?

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