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Graduate Research at the Ivan Allen College

Master's and doctoral students in the Ivan Allen College's six schools work on a breathtaking range of research: the economics and politics of global development; the history and sociology of technology; the future of media arts; global languages and cultures; climate and sustainability; international affairs, and more. Take a look at just a slice of what our students have been up to, then consider applying for one of our 21 master's and Ph.D programs.

More Research

Aubrey DeVeny Incorvaia’s Biathanatos Revisited: Anabaptist Perspectives on Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking in the Face of Terminal Illness” was published in Palliative Care & Social Practice.

Ameet Doshi’s co-authored paper, “Temporal Search Persistence, Certainty, and Source Preference in Dentistry: Results from the National Dental PBRN,” was published in PLOS ONE.

Aubrey DeVeny Incorvaia’s co-authored paper, “Understanding Diversity: Overcoming the Small-n Problem,” was published in Harvard Data Science Review.

Aubrey DeVeny Incorvaia’sDeath Positivity in America: The Movement—Its History and Literature” was published in OMEGA — Journal of Death and Dying.

Archana Ghodeswar's co-authored paper, "Trading One Waste for Another? Unintended Consequences of Fly Ash Reuse in the Indian Electric Power Sector," was published in Energy Policy

Michael V. Ceci's co-authored paper, "China’s 5G Networks: A Tool for Advancing Digital Authoritarianism Abroad?," was published in Orbis

Linda Ho's and Hadassah Robbins' co-authored paper, "Assessing Workforce Needs for the Emerging CAR-T Cell Therapy Industry,” was published in Nature Biotechnology

Karl Grindal’sco-authored paper, “Understanding Transnational Cyber Attribution: Moving from ‘Whodunit’ to Who Did It,” was published in Cyber Security Politics: Socio-Technological Transformations and Political Fragmentation.

Snehal Kale’s co-authored paper, “Modernizing the Energy Infrastructure at Federal Facilities: Should Utilities Play a Bigger Role?,” was published in The Electricity Journal.

Xiaoyu Dong’s co-authored paper, “Analyzing Racial and Ethnic Differences in the USA through the Lens of Multidimensional Poverty,” was published in the Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy.

Vikas Madhav Nagarajan’sDiversity of Moths From the Urban Set-up of Valmiki Nagar, Chennai, India” was published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa.

Vikas Madhav Nagarajan’sStatus of Important Coastal Habitats of North Tamil Nadu: Diversity, Current Threats and Approaches for Conservation” was published in Regional Studies in Marine Science.

Daniel Schiff’s,co-authored book chapter, “Global AI Ethics Documents: What They Reveal About Motivations, Practices, and Policies,” was published in the book Codes of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines.

Julia Johnson’s co-authored paper, “Defining Energy in Nineteenth-Century Native American Literature,” was published in Environmental Humanities.

Olga Churkina and Matteo Zullo’sA Quasi-Experiment in International Student Mobility: Germany’s Fee Re-Introductions” was published in the European Journal of Higher Education.

Research Events

The Career Research Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC), held each spring by the Georgia Tech Student Government Association, features a paper conference for graduate students in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. Papers submitted to this competition highlight the diverse array of individual research conducted by master's and doctoral students.

Digital Media students from Ivan Allen College's School of Literature, Media, and Communication participate in this annual event, which showcases work in a variety of fields and formats, including virtual reality, data visualization, and more.

Graduate Research Contacts

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Associate Dean for Research and Outreach
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