International Experiences

Anna, B.S. Economics and International Affairs, representing Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts on the Russian Language for Business and Technology (LBAT) Program.

Helping You Design a Global Framework

Through the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and Georgia Tech programs and partnerships, our students have direct access to more than 8 exchange programs and 30 faculty-led programs, as well as the optional International Plan designator on their degrees and the Global Internship Program. These opportunities are designed to develop advanced communication skills, promote creative thinking and intercultural understanding, and develop professional competency in a language, opening up a world of career options.

International Plan  Study Abroad  Global Research & Internship Program

  • 70% of our students graduate with an international experience
  • 90 of our 170 faculty have international backgrounds
  • 155 foreign language classes are offered each semester
  • 25 average maximum class size for all language courses