Doctoral Programs

Ivan Allen College graduates are distinct in their abilities to bridge technical and non-technical realms, complex problem solving, and science and technology savvy (Source: 2013 Alumni Value Survey).

Students at the Ivan Allen College acquire the technical expertise characteristic of Georgia Tech graduates and the contextual understanding that is the hallmark of fine liberal arts education. The vibrant learning community in the College prepares students to innovate and lead in a complex world.

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Majors

  • Georgia Tech’s Ph.D. major in Digital Media is one of the first of its kind worldwide. It is aimed at educating research-oriented theorist/practitioners who will bring the traditions of the humanities and arts to the design of digital media.

  • This is the only Ph.D. program in the U.S. to focus on the common globalization and innovation issues that interconnect three key fields of economics – environmental economics, industrial organization, and international economics. The program offers specialization in each of these fields which underlie many of today's global advances and challenges.

  • The History and Sociology of Technology and Science doctoral degree program trains exceptionally qualified students for a variety of professional careers. Led by a multidisciplinary faculty, it encourages students to develop scholarship on important issues regarding the place of science and technology in modern human affairs. The program offers a genuinely integrative education, melding specialized study pertaining to science and technology with traditional disciplinary training.

  • This Ph.D. program provides an unparalleled opportunity for students with backgrounds in either politics or science and technology to deepen their understanding of international affairs through the advanced study of sub-fields such as international relations theory, international security, international political economy, comparative politics, and methods for social scientific research.

  • The Ph.D. with a major in Public Policy prepares students for advanced professional work or for academic careers. The doctorate degree is based on a core curriculum that stresses intellectual and methodological rigor, using the theories and applications of quantitative analysis; political, economic, and organizational analysis; research design and execution.

  • The Georgia Tech School of Public Policy PhD program is small and focused. Those interested in topics other than the four fields offered in the School's PhD, and those who wish to draw from the broader resources of combined faculties, may wish to consider applying to the Joint Ph.D. program offered by the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University.