Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Majors

  • This program delivers foreign language study in the contexts of social and technical communication, cultural perspectives, industry, technology, arts and literature.

  • The B.S. in Computational Media combines computer science with digital media design, helping students to understand and manipulate both technology and media.

  • The B.S. degree in Economics is the science of decision making and provides the ability to analyze complex economic problems and to understand societal problems.

  • The program in Economics and International Affairs focuses on the most pressing issues facing our global interdependent, and multicultural environment.

  • The global Economics and Modern Languages program equips students for the global workplace by developing strong skills in economic analysis and decision making, foreign languages, and multidimensional global perspective.

  • This program combines work in sociology and history and equips students to analyze societies, pursue social change, and succeed in a variety of careers.

  • This program allows you to focus your degree on the factors that are shaping our world during a time of dramatic political, economic, social, and technological change.

  • A B.S. in International Affairs and Modern Languages prepares you for employment in internationally oriented firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

  • This program provides the analytical and technical skills required for a career in humanistic fields such as Media, Public Relations, and Literature.

  • This program combines political, social, economic and ethical approaches with practical problem solving in a technology-infused environment.

Five Year BS/MS Majors