Why Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts for Grad School?

Graduate-level liberal arts studies that are relevant and impactful.

Graduate students acquire the technical expertise characteristic of Georgia Tech graduates and the contextual understanding that is the hallmark of fine liberal arts education. You'll be part of a vibrant learning community that prepares you to innovate and lead in a complex world.

Students in Ivan Allen College acquire the technical expertise that is characteristic of Georgia Tech graduates and the contextual understanding that is the hallmark of a fine liberal arts education. Alumni identify three attributes developed through their education here that distinguish them from their professional peers:

  1. Ability to bridge technological and non-technological realms
  2. Complex problem-solving abilities
  3. Science and technology savviness

Other characteristics that set your education here apart from that offered by other liberal arts colleges:

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Rigorous, interdisciplinary programs blend critical thinking, contextual understanding, and communication skills with technical and analytical expertise and perspectives in engineering, computing, and science.

Applied Theory and Practice

Our coursework emphasizes both theoretical and applied learning. Students can tackle real problems and create real solutions, developing a resume that features real-world, experience.

Premier Research Environment

Georgia Tech's global stature as a premier research university provides exceptional opportunities to build a distinct resume through internships, study/work abroad, scholarly programs, and research.

Job Connections

Our deep roots in Atlanta and extensive collaborations with academia, business, government, industry, and non-profits around the world affords opportunities to develop important career relationships.

Human-Centered Innovation

Socially and ethically conscious frameworks are foundational to our work defining problems in human terms and innovating solutions in the public interest.


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Our community offers rich intellectual exchange and robust extra-curricular activities. Our culture embodies characteristics that are intrinsic to Georgia Tech — extraordinary interdisciplinary collaboration, industriousness, and enthusiasm for solving the most complex human problems.

Georgia Tech ranks as a top U.S. research university with nearly $1.049 billon in research in 2020. Through our extensive innovation ecosystem, we address critical research challenges and move solutions out into the world.

Georgia Tech’s main campus spans 400 wooded acres in the heart of Atlanta. The campus is a comfortable, yet stimulating living and learning environment, with virtually every amenity close at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Programs of Study

What are the various Graduate Programs available in Ivan Allen College?

The college offers both masters and doctoral programs.

I'm not sure which graduate program is best for me, how can I get help?

Review the information available on this site, and on our school and programs websites. Contact the graduate directors and advisors or coordinators to discuss questions or concerns related to course of study, careers, focal research areas, etc. Find out more

Is it possible to change my program of study after admission?

One would need to apply for acceptance in to a different program via the Graduate Studies website.

What are the various research opportunities with Ivan Allen College?

A broad range of research opportunities are available within the College. Students should discuss their interests with a graduate program director, program coordinator, or faculty in the program or school of interest. The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and other units at Georgia Tech support some graduate students through work on college initiatives, communications, or projects.

Graduate Admissions

What are the requirements for admission to graduate programs?

Requirements are specific to each program. Review the website for each program to understand its requirements.

How does the admission process work at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts?

Prospective graduate students for all programs apply through Georgia Tech’s Graduate Admissions website. Applications are reviewed and responded to by the program directors and coordinators.

What is the application process to various schools?

Graduate student apply through the central Georgia Tech Graduate Admissions website. Each graduate program reviews and responds to applicants.

Graduate Financial Aid

How do I apply for financial assistance?

An introduction to funding opportunities is available. Also visit the Georgia Tech Graduate Financial Aid page.

What are the chances of getting financial aid at Georgia Tech?

Each applicant is evaluated by a graduate program, which awards aid based on merit and fit. Each admission offer includes an aid decision.

On average 50-60% of incoming students receive aid in the form of fellowships, research assistantships, or teaching assistantships, which are typically accompanied by tuition waivers. Other incoming students find work and/or aid after they begin their graduate programs at Georgia Tech.

What is the difference between a GRA and GTA?

Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) typically work on research with or for faculty. Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) teach classes or assist faculty with their classes.

How can I obtain a GRA or GTA?

There is no centralized location to find an assistantship. The best way is to contact the various program directors and advisors.