Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Faculty Development Mentor Program

One of the ways the College supports faculty development is a mentoring program that connects faculty seeking mentors with faculty mentors from schools across the College.

Guidance from a faculty mentor in the College can be invaluable for gaining perspective on navigating promotion and tenure, administrative requirements, research, and teaching within one’s school, the College, and Georgia Tech. A mentor relationship affords opportunities for long-lasting, mutually rewarding academic connections across disciplinary and school lines. Mentorship also carries the potential for producing new research connections and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Find a Mentor

The opportunity to seek a faculty development mentor is open to all tenure-track and tenured faculty and visiting assistant professors. Faculty development mentors can be identified by the person-to-person icon (at left) that appears on their profile on the College and school websites. You may reach out to them directly to inquire about their availability to work with you.

Volunteer as a Mentor

Faculty mentorship within the College is open to all faculty members. Mentoring allows you to share your insights and experience with other faculty members and can foster career-spanning relationships in the areas of research, teaching, and public engagement. New cross-disciplinary program and research collaborations and connections can develop.

To volunteer as a faculty development mentor within the College, simply check the appropriate box in your faculty profile. Doing so will trigger the mentor icon (at left) appear on your profile on your school and the College websites. Faculty who are interested in being mentored by you will approach you directly.