B.S. in Computational Media

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computational Media (CM) is a collaborative effort by the Ivan Allen College School of Literature, Media, and Communication and the College of Computing. The program offers a thorough education in all aspects of the computer as a medium: the technical, the historical-critical, and the applied. Program graduates will have significant hands-on and theoretical knowledge of computing as well as an understanding of visual design and the history of media. Graduates will be uniquely positioned to plan, create, and critique new digital media forms for entertainment, education, and business communication.

Computational Media is one of Georgia Tech’s fastest-growing programs, going from one student in 2004 to 300 today. CM majors work as interns in the design and development of video games, animation and special effects, and user interfaces. Most CM alumni have gone on to work for major video game studios and interactive media firms. Some are now pursuing graduate degrees in digital media, human-computer interaction, and even film studies.


  • Interactive Game Design and Simulation
  • Special Effects Creation
  • Animation
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Robotics
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Web Design
  • Graduate school in computing, film, and digital media design

Post-graduate fields of study include computer science, digital arts, digital media studies, and human-computer interaction.

Focus Areas

  • Media
  • People
  • Intelligence Thread
  • Film Thread
  • Games
  • Interaction
  • Narrative

Sample Courses

  • Constructing the Moving Image
  • Computer Animation
  • Experimental Media
  • Game Design as a Cultural Practice
  • Principles of Interaction Design

Career Paths

  • App Development
  • Computer Animation
  • User Interface Design
  • Video Game Design and Development
  • Website Design and Development