Undergraduate Research

As a center for new discoveries in the liberal arts, Georgia Tech's Ivan Allen College offers a wealth of opportunities for undergraduate research. This is a substantial experience with potential to advance knowledge in a field. The undergraduate research plan includes independent, faculty-guided research and a research-based senior thesis or design project. A highlight for many students is the one-to-one mentoring by faculty who are engaged in cutting-edge research in the social sciences and humanities.

Recent Student Research Projects

  • Examining the New Space Opera and its Evolution Over the Past Twenty Years
  • Ignored? Developing Technologies’ Relationship to International Affairs
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of South Korea's GreenGrowth Strategy
  • Spanish and English Language Mixing in Social Media
  • The Advancement of Economic Freedom via Promotion of Open Source Software
  • The Milk of Human Corruption: Liconsa and the Persistence of Childhood Malnutrition in Mexico
  • The Sociology of Diagnosis: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • TRICYCLE and the Pearl Harbor Question: Routine Espionage or a Warning
  • Video Games and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Selected Research Topics

  • Analysis of Themes in Science Fiction
  • Causes of Homelessness
  • Development of Text Animation
  • Economic Development
  • Energy Policy

I went to my professor sophomore year with little knowledge of what he was doing – just thinking it was really cool – and asked if I could join in. Almost immediately, I started research with him. I now have a stronger design and programming background. Research is that easy and that useful.

        – Matthew, Computational Media Major

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Research Option:

  • Requirements vary by School
  • Projects are conducted for credit and/or pay
  • Completion is noted on the student's transcript