Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The Distinguished Alumni Awards honor exceptional alumni from each of the six academic schools and three Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) units in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. Selected by the school from which they earned their degree or their respective ROTC unit, alumni are recognized for their significant contributions to the College, Institute, and public welfare. 

2022 Award Recipients

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Chaunté Lowe

B.S. Economics 2008

Four-time Olympian

Sybrina Atwaters

Electrical Engineering 1994, M.S. History and Technology Studies 2009, and Ph.D. Science and Technology Studies 2014

Director of the Office of Minority Educational Development (OMED) at Georgia Tech.

Rachael Lammers

M.S. International Affairs 2007

Chief of staff to the CEO of Resilience

Nettrice R. Gaskins

Ph.D. Digital Media 2014

Assistant director of the Lesley STEAM Learning Lab at Lesley University

Tabatha Pilgrim Thompson

International Affairs and Modern Languages - Spanish 2011

Director of partnerships and outreach at The Horizons Project

Margaret Burgess

Public Policy 2008, Economics 2008

Attorney with the Federal Trade Commission

Col. Mark A. Massaro, U.S. Air Force

Air Force ROTC

Commander, 495th Fighter Group

Retired Col. Tom Taylor, U.S. Army



2nd Lt. Nicholas Collins, U.S. Marine Corps


Past Recipients

2021 Awards Recipients

  • Philip Cheaney: Economics 1971
  • Phillip B. Jones: Economics 1971
  • William Thompson: Economics 1971
  • Prakash Kumar: Ph.D. History, Technology, and Society 2004
  • Sarah Cooper: M.S. Digital Media 2001
  • Ted Danowitz: B.S. International Affairs and Modern Languages 2010
  • Tong Zhao: Ph.D. Science, Technology, and International Affairs 2014
  • Fatimot Ladipo: M.S. Public Policy 1999


2020 Awards Recipients

  • Sterling Gerdes: International Affairs and Modern Languages - French 2008
  • Nicole B. Kruse: M.S. International Affairs 2000
  • Francois Rollin: History, Technology, and Society 2004
  • Özge Samanci: Ph.D. Digital Media 2009
  • Richard L. Tuley: Economics 1992
  • Cynthia Warrick: M.S. Public Policy 1994

2019 Awards Recipients

  • Blake Butler: Science, Technology, and Culture 2003
  • Angelina Long Callahan: M.S. History and Sociology of Technology and Society 2009 and Ph.D. 2013
  • Leisha DeHart-Davis: M.S. Public Policy 1993 and Ph.D. Public Policy 2000
  • Andrew Harris: M.S. International Affairs 2010
  • Kristin Lundberg: International Affairs and Modern Languages 2006
  • Joseph B. Owens, Jr.: Economics 1977

2018 Awards Recipients

  • Melody DeBussey: Public Policy 2006
  • Johnny Jones: International Affairs 2002
  • Kelly Orman: Economics 1995
  • Susan J.Robinson: Ph.D. Digital Media 2015
  • Hannah L. Taylor: International Affairs and Modern Languages - French 2009
  • L. Christopher Young: History, Technology, and Society 2000

2017 Awards Recipients

  • Austin Dickson: M.S. Public Policy 2010
  • Rawi Abdelal: Economics 1993
  • Gwen Ottinger: Science, Technology, and Culture/Aerospace Engineering 1997
  • Laurence Ralph: History, Technology, and Society 2004
  • Jeremy Farris: International Affairs 2004
  • Parker Kemp: Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies - German/Mechanical Engineering 2014

2016 Awards Recipients


The Trailblazer Award recognizes alumni for outstanding early career contributions in their chosen professions and distinguished service to society at large, thus honoring their respective School, Georgia Tech, and Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

  • Benjamin D. Bennett: International Affairs and Modern Languages - French 2012
  • Michelle Homier: History, Technology, and Society 1999
  • Susan Van Aacken: M.S. Public Policy 1999


The Pioneer Award recognizes alumni with long-term personal and professional achievements who have brought distinction to themselves, tangible benefit to their communities, and credit to their School, the Ivan Allen College, and Georgia Tech.

  • Ayoka Chenzira: Ph.D. Digital Media 2011
  • Richard R. House Jr.: Economics 1985
  • David Cooper: International Affairs 1996

2015 Awards Recipients


  • Scott W. Bray: International Affairs 1996
  • John Lambert: International Affairs and Modern Languages – German 2011
  • Leslie N. Sharp: Ph.D. History, Technology, and Society 2004


  • Gonzalo Frasca: M.S. Information Design and Technology 2001
  • Douglas R. Hooker: M.S. Technology, Science, and Policy 1985
  • Richard B. Inman Jr.: Economics 1973