Graduate Student Advisory Board

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts (IAC) has an active Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) that represents and connects master's and doctoral students throughout the College. GSAB is committed to building a strong community of graduate students, both traditional and online; to supporting faculty and student interactions focusing on humanities and social science research; and to enabling professional development.


  • Events (social hours, celebrations, workshops, lectures)
  • Conferences (IAC graduate conference, CRIDC poster conference)
  • Communications (coordinating with IAC graduate programs, contributing to IAC Graduate Newsletter)
  • Special Projects

Upcoming Events

2021 - 2022 Board Members

PhD Students

  • Amber G. Johnson (Co-Lead)
  • Aline G Banboukian
  • Dennis M Murphy
  • Vagisha Srivatsava
  • Becky D Rafter
  • Alejandra Ruiz
  • Cristina M Velasquez Delgado

MS On-campus Students

  • Zhuoqi Helen Dong (Co-Lead)
  • Benjamin Wills
  • Amelia C Rousseau
  • Omar M Webb
  • Kameron K Lewis

MS Online Students

  • Ayyachamy Nagaiahsamy (Co-Lead)
  • Ahmed Awad
  • Alexander Marinacci
  • Emtiaz Hossain Hritan
  • Stanley Seiden

2020 - 2021 Board Members

Digital Media / LMC

  • Brandy Pettijohn


  • Vikrant Kamble

History and Sociology

  • Alejandra Ruiz
  • Mike Bivona

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

  • Hee Jun Yoo
  • Lauren Lange
  • Hannah Kitzmiller

Public Policy / Cybersecurity

  • Majid Ahmadi
  • Anne Webb
  • Rogers Hilton


  • Kera Allen (HSOC)



Contact: Shatakshee Dhongde

Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Associate Professor of Economics, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
221 Bobby Dodd Way, Old CE Building, Room 221 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, 30332-0615