Nuclear History: A Conversation between Bo Jacobs and Brigitte Stepanov

April 11, 2023, 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Online via Zoom

Robert Jacobs is a professor of history at the Hiroshima Peace Institute and the Graduate School of Peace Studies of Hiroshima City University. He is a historian of science and technology focused on nuclear technologies and radiation technopolitics. His book, Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha (Yale 2022), presents over a decade of field research conducted in more than 20 countries on the effects of radiation exposures to individuals and communities from nuclear weapon testing, production, and accidents, globally. He has published and edited multiple books and articles on nuclear history and culture. In a previous life, he was a chef and worked in the organic produce industry.

Brigitte Stepanov is an assistant professor of francophone studies at Georgia Tech. She writes and teaches about how categories of being, knowledge, and aesthetic forms are stretched and blurred by violence. In her current book project, Cruelty, War, Fiction: Redefining the In-Human, she dissects the very category of violence in Algeria, Rwanda, and France as defined by legal and literary frames. This work is closely tied to her second research project, which focuses on radioactive fallout following France’s nuclear arsenal testing in Polynesia and Algeria. Trained as a mathematician, a photographer, and a scholar of French and Francophone Studies, she finds herself at the intersection of several disciplines, each lending a lens through which to view our present and its shifting paradigms.

Co-sponsored by the IAC Student Serving Fund.

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