D'Unger's Father's Passion Lives on at the Georgia Tech Library

Two titles in the "David D'Unger Collection" at the Georgia Tech Library

Posted November 3, 2021

HSOC faculty member Amy D'Unger's donation of her late father David D'Unger's early sci-fi book collection keeps his passion and memory alive at the Georgia Tech Library.

The collection hails back to her father's childhood and contains about 120 books from the late 1800s and early 1900s up through the 1950s. Titles include Tom Swift novels by Victor Appleton, books from Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many others. 

"He loved science fiction in all of its forms," said D'Unger. "It was an enduring passion and love of his, and I think he would be really honored to know that new generations of students, but also scholars that have an interest in science fiction as a genre, will have access to these materials." 

The books are accessible in the Archives Reading Room and can be requested through the library catalog. Watch the video from Jason Wright at the Georgia Tech Library to learn more! 




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