Ivan Allen Graduate Students Present Remarkable Array of Research

Posted January 18, 2023

Graduate students from the Ivan Allen College’s six schools shared details of their research and learned more about the work life of academic researchers at the 11th annual IAC Graduate Student Research Conference.

The Jan. 13 event — organized by the IAC Graduate Student Advisory Board — featured presentations from the 13 students selected to share their research.

“It was a treat to hear about exciting research our students are undertaking on a wide variety of topics, including papers on social justice, environment, technology, national security, and astronomy,” said Shatakshee Dhongde, associate dean for academic affairs and an associate professor in the School of Economics.

The conference opened with comments from Kaye Husbands Fealing, dean and Ivan Allen Jr. Chair in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. The dean spoke about the opportunities and challenges she has faced in her academic journey.

The dean’s remarks were followed by three presentation sessions judged by Dhongde, Associate Professor Olga Shemyakina of the School of Economics, and Associate Professor Daniel Amsterdam of the School of History and Sociology.

The panel chose a winner from each of the three presentation sessions.

Zhuoqi Helen Dong, a Ph.D. student in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, won for her presentation on “Military-Civil Fusion Policies in China – Challenges and Opportunities in Space.”

Kallysta Jones, a graduate student in the Nunn School, won for “To the Moon and Back: Terrestrial Teachings for the Future of Lunar Governance.”

Ricardo Martínez, a graduate student in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, won for “Flying With Clipped Wings - eBird and Biases in Citizen Science.”

Here’s the complete list of students selected to present at the conference:

  • Michael Bivona (HSOC) — “(In)secure Cartography: NS/EP Mapping Along the Classified Edge”
  • Olga Churkina (SPP) — “Skills as Mediators for Pro-Social Behavior”
  • Zhuoqi Helen Dong (INTA) — “Military-Civil Fusion Policies in China – Challenges and Opportunities in Space”
  • Rachel Donley (LMC) — “Designing Puzzles to Challenge Assumptions”
  • Ryan Ellis (ECON) — “Mobility, Migration, and Violence: Digital Trace and the Taliban Insurgency”
  • Sanghyun Han (INTA) — “Conceptualization and Applications of Technology Control Policy: Analyzing US Technology Control Policy Towards China”
  • Sylvia Janicki (LMC) — “Sensing Bodies: Reflecting on Human-Plant Relationships through Biodata Displays of Bodily Encounters”
  • Kallysta Jones (INTA) — “To the Moon and Back: Terrestrial Teachings for the Future of Lunar Governance”
  • Ricardo Martínez (LMC) — “Flying With Clipped Wings - eBird and Biases in Citizen Science
  • Alexandra Teixeira Riggs (LMC) — “Button Portraits: Embodying Queer History with Interactive Wearable Artifacts”
  • Bryan Rocha (ML) — “We All Could Have Been Freddie Gray”
  • Xinyi Yuan (ECON) — “How Would Different Industries React to Water Pollutions Restrictions — An Example From Chinese ‘Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (10-Point Water Plan)’”
  • Haoqian Zou (ECON) — “Facebook Social Connection and Intermetropolitan Migration Before and After Covid-19”

Congratulations to the winners and all the presenters on their hard work!

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