Ivan Allen College Faculty Members Join Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center Affiliate Program

Posted February 13, 2024

Nine full-time Ivan Allen College faculty members are among 13 named to the new Faculty Affiliates program in Georgia Tech’s Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center, a unit of the Strategic Energy Institute (SEI). 

Two other appointees hold joint or courtesy appointments in the College. 

The new affiliates will serve as informal advisors helping guide the Center’s work, enhance opportunities for interdisciplinary research, and help connect faculty members and policymakers throughout the Southeast. 

Interim SEI director Laura Taylor, also the chair of the School of Economics, expects the program to “lead to more enrichment opportunities for students, and more awareness of the research intersections of energy technology, economics, and public policy,” according to SEI’s announcement of the appointments. 

The full-time faculty Ivan Allen College faculty members named to the program are: 


  • Assistant Professor Dylan Brewer 

  • Assistant Professor Guarav Doshi 

  • Assistant Professor Tony Harding 

  • Assistant Professor Bobby Harris 

  • Associate Professor Matthew Oliver 

  • Associate Professor Casey Wichman

Public Policy: 

  • Associate Professor Omar Isaac Asensio 

  • Regents’ Professor and Brook Byers Professor of Sustainable Systems Marilyn A. Brown 

  • Professor Daniel Matisoff 

Valerie Thomas, the Anderson-Interface Chair of Natural Systems and professor in the School of Industrial & Systems Engineering — and a joint appointee in the School of Public Policy — was also named to the program. Rounding out the IAC-affiliated appointments is Joe F. Bozeman III, who holds a courtesy appointment in the School of Public Policy. His primary appointment is assistant professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. 

U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Georgia Tech as the top public university and No. 3 nationwide in energy and fuel research. 

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Ivan Allen College faculty join Energy, Policy, and Innovation Center.

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