Jay Bolter

Professor and Director of Computational Media

Member Of:
  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Office Location: TSRB 317
Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4 or by appointment
Email Address: jdbolter@gatech.edu


Jay David Bolter is the Wesley Chair of New Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He is the author of Turing's Man:  Western Culture in the  Computer Age (1984); Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and  the History of Writing (1991; second edition 2001); Remediation (1999), with Richard Grusin; and Windows and Mirrors (2003), with Diane Gromala. In addition to writing about new media, Bolter collaborates in the construction of new digital media forms. With Michael Joyce, he created Storyspace, a hypertext authoring system. As a member of the Augmented Environments Lab, he develops AR applications to stage dramatic and narrative experiences for cultural heritage and informal education.

Areas of
  • Augmented Reality
  • Digital Culture
  • History Of Media
  • Virtual Reality


Research Fields:
  • Digital Media
  • Media Studies
  • Europe
  • United States
  • Digital and Mixed Media
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Humanities
  • Media
  • Media Production


  • LCC-3206: Communication & Culture
  • LCC-6310: Comput-Expressive Medium
  • LCC-6340: Mixed Reality Exp Design
  • LCC-6650: Project Studio
  • LCC-8000: Proseminar-Media Theory
  • LCC-8001: Digital Media Studies
  • LMC-2400: Intro to Media Studies
  • LMC-2700: Intr-Computational Media
  • LMC-2720: Prin of Visual Design
  • LMC-3206: Communication & Culture
  • LMC-4733: Mixed Reality Design
  • LMC-6310: The Computer Expressive
  • LMC-6340: Reality Experience Desi
  • LMC-6800: DM MS Project Course
  • LMC-8000: Media Theory
  • LMC-8001: Digital Media Studies
  • LMC-8801: Special Topics