Kristie Macrakis

Professor of History

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  • School of History and Sociology
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Kristie Macrakis is Professor in the School of History and Sociology at Georgia Tech. She specializes in the transnational history of technology and science and received her PhD in the history of science from Harvard University. Her recent research focuses on the intersection of history of technology and history of espionage globally, but she has also worked at the intersection of German history and science and technology in the 20th century (Nazi Germany, East Germany and divided Germany) and the politics of technology and science more generally.  She is the author of five single-authored books, one co-authored book and an edited volume, each one on the topics listed above:

1) Surviving the Swastika (Oxford University Press).

2) Science under Socialism, (Harvard University Press).

3) Seduced by Secrets (Cambridge University Press).

4) East German Foreign Intelligence, ed.  (Routledge).

5) Prisoners, Lovers and Spies (Yale University Press).

6) Nothing is Beyond our Reach: America's Techno-Spy Empire (Georgetown University Press, pub date 3 April, 2023) (no link yet)

7) Espionage (MIT Press, February 2023). 

Her books have been translated into German, Czech, Slovak, Estonian, Chinese and Italian.

She is also the author of over 30 articles as well as popular magazine articles, book reviews and op-eds. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, the Washington Times, Nature, Science and American Scientist. She has made dozens of media appearances including interviews on the History Channel, Science Friday, NPR, and the Smithsonian Channel. In addition to scores of academic lectures, she has spoken at places like the Harvard Club, the International Spy Museum, the Carter Center and appeared on C-SPAN.

Macrakis’s awards include fellowships from the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Fulbright and the Wilson Center as well as grants from the National Science Foundation and the Humboldt Foundation.

She is currently a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer, 2020-2023. For more information and to book a lecture, see: Link

For "Technophilic Hubris and Espionage Style" article see:

Areas of
  • History Of Espionage
  • History Of Science And Technology


Research Fields:
  • History of Technology/Engineering and Society
  • Modern Global History/Science, Technology, and Nationalism
  • Europe
  • United States
  • Espionage
  • Science and Technology


  • HTS-2100: Sci, Tech & Modern World
  • HTS-2698: Research Assistantship
  • HTS-3046: Sci Pol Culture Nazi Ger
  • HTS-3076: History of Intel
  • HTS-3084: Culture & Technology
  • HTS-3803: Special Topics
  • HTS-3823: Special Topics
  • HTS-4031: Seminar in European Hist
  • HTS-4081: Seminar in Hist of Tech
  • HTS-4082: Seminar in Hist of Tech
  • HTS-4814: Special Topics
  • HTS-6102: Soc & Pol Hist of Europe
  • HTS-6114: Hist Science
  • HTS-6121: Science Tech Security
  • HTS-6743: STS Core Seminar
  • HTS-8002: Perspectives-Tech&Sci
  • INTA-6122: STS Sci Tech Nat Sec
  • LMC-6743: STS Core Seminar
  • PUBP-6743: STS Core Seminar