A Look at Some of the Collaborative Design Processes Among Faculty and Graduate Students for TuneTable

Behind the Design: TuneTable
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TuneTable is an interactive musical tabletop exhibit intended to teach basic computer programming concepts to middle and high school students. Once the final version of the table arrives at museums, visitors will be able to create musical compositions, save and email their work to themselves, and continue engaging with the code underneath their compositions at home on the EarSketch platform.

The TuneTable project is co-led by Brian Magerko, an Associate Professor of Digital Media and the leader of the Adaptive Digital Media (ADAM) Lab, and Jason Freeman, an Associate Professor of Music. The project, like many at Georgia Tech, is remarkably interdisciplinary in nature. The diversity of knowledge and skills that it requires is reflected in the academic diversity of the collaborators present in the video. Team members include an electronic music producer, postdoctoral students, P.h.D. students in Digital Media and Computer Science, and Master's students in Music Technology and Industrial Design.