100 Years of ROTC at Georgia Tech


‘The Men Were in Earnest’ - 100 Years of ROTC at Georgia Tech

From their roots in a student-run Signal Corps begun in 1915, Georgia Tech’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs have trained thousands of leaders.

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Georgia Tech ROTC Through the Years

ROTC at Georgia Tech is turning 100 years old. Look back through the years and see how some things have changed, while others have not.



100 Years of ROTC at Georgia Tech


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Georgia Tech has produced some of the most distinguished military officers in our nation’s history. We proudly count generals, admirals, and Medal of Honor recipients among our alumni. Here are some of their stories.

Georgia Tech’s ROTC cadets thrive amid the Institute’s academic rigor and the demands of their officer training. Meet the commanders training the next generation of leaders and a few of their cadets.

Army ROTC cadet Mahdi al Husseini explains his theory of leadership, and why he chose a life in the military.

Navy ROTC midshipman Sam Sasser, a future Marine officer, talks about learning to balance idealism and pragmatism as a leader.