Eric Schatzberg

School of History and Sociology
Professor and Chair in the School of History and Sociology
Statement of Expertise
Expert in the history and nature of technology

Schatzberg's law: new technologies are never revolutionary in themselves, but they can provide tools for revolutionaries. Technology is an expression of human values, both good and bad, of the desire to create and of the urge to destroy, of love and hate, of peace and war.

Areas of Expertise

  • Critiques of Technology
  • History of Technology
  • Nature of Expertise


Schatzberg brings an engineering background to his work as a historian of technology that helps inform his deep understanding of the nature of technology and our sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes ambivalent, relationship with it.

The author of Technology: Critical History of a Concept, Schatzberg is an expert in the history and nature of technology, the history of industrialization, and the nature of expertise in a complex, technological society.

He can comment on stories involving technological enthusiasm or anxiety, critiques of technology, and many other queries related to the history and nature of technology.