Jennifer Singh

School of History and Sociology
Associate Professor
Statement of Expertise
Expert in the social and political aspects of autism spectrum disorders, with an emphasis on genomic science, disparities in autism services, and social determinants of health.

To truly understand emerging science and technology, you have to think about their social, cultural, and political contexts. Similarly, it is important to show how medicine is not necessarily objective and unbiased. Health inequalities are not based on our genes alone, but are shaped by social determinants, like poverty or racism, that affect health.

Areas of Expertise

  • Autism
  • Autism and Parental Activism
  • Autism Diagnoses
  • Autism Disparities
  • Social and Scientific Understanding of Autism
  • Social Impact of Genetic Research in Autism


Jennifer S. Singh is associate professor in the School of History and Sociology. She has a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California, San Francisco and specializes in medical sociology and science and technology studies. Her research investigates the intersections of genetics, health and society, which draws on her experiences of working in the biotechnology industry in molecular biology and as a public health researcher at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition to research on the social and scientific understandings of diseases based on emerging medical technologies, Singh is also conducting research on the structural inequalities to autism diagnosis and services based on race, class and gender, as well as issues pertaining to transitioning adults on the autism spectrum.


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