Lisa Yaszek

School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Statement of Expertise
A leading academic expert in science fiction, the premier mode of storytelling of the modern age.

I’m really interested in science fiction because it allows us to communicate our experiences with science and technology across centuries, continents and cultures.

Areas of Expertise

  • Popular Culture
  • Race and Gender in Science Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Teaching Science Fiction


Yaszek has written or edited numerous books about science fiction, and recently appeared in the AMC series, James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction. She is interested in the ways in which science fiction reflects our hopes and fears about life in a high-tech world. She is especially interested in recovering lost voices in science fiction, such as those belonging to African-American and women creators. Among her many lines of research is examining how scientists do and do not use science fiction as inspiration for their research and how ideas circulate through popular culture, science, and the policy realm. She is frequently quoted in articles about the significance of science fiction movies and events in popular and modern culture.

She can comment on a wide range of science fiction-related stories, including pieces about science fiction trends, science fiction in popular culture, and the ways in which gender and race are expressed in science fiction.