Matthew E. Oliver

School of Economics
Assistant Professor
Statement of Expertise
Expert in energy and environmental economics

Energy is the lifeblood of an economy. It’s embodied in everything we do. The key to using it efficiently is to understand first, how energy markets differ from markets for other types of commodities in terms of their dependency on highly specialized infrastructure, and second, how energy production and use impact the environment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy Market Regulation
  • Natural Gas Markets
  • Renewable Energy Policy


Oliver’s predominant area of expertise is in the economics of natural gas pipelines and how regulation affects that sector of the economy. He is increasingly focused on the effect of government policy on the renewable energy sector, such as wind and solar in areas such as price impacts, consumer behavior, and energy consumption. He also has written about the economic trade-offs of international climate change agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol.

He can comment on stories about regulatory and economic issues related to natural gas pipelines, the impact of policy on renewable energy and the economic trade-offs of international climate change agreements.


For Media Inquiries

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