Mariel Borowitz

Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
Associate Professor
Statement of Expertise
Expert in space policy

Space technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives, from the GPS in our phones to the satellite data that underlies international security verification regimes. Understanding the policies that govern these technologies is critical to ensuring that we continue to benefit from these, and future, advancements.

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial Space Activity
  • Earth Observation
  • Human Spaceflight
  • NASA and International Space Programs
  • Space Security


Borowitz, a former policy analyst at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, studies a range of space-related issues and policies, including policies that drive U.S. and international space programs, the trend toward commercialization of space, including developments in remote sensing and earth observation. She is also well-versed in issues related to access to and sharing of satellite data, defense-related activities in space, and the growing problem of orbiting space junk.

She has appeared on NPR’s “Science Friday” and has been quoted in the Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Science Magazine and The Verge, among others.

Borowitz can comment on many stories related to U.S. and international space policy, commercial space efforts, defense-related space issues, and satellite data issues and policy.


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