Dina Khapaeva

Director of Russian Program, Professor of Russian

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages
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Dr. Dina Khapaeva is Professor at the School of Modern Languages, the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research comprises Russian studies, death studies, cultural studies, historical memory, and intellectual history. Dr. Khapaeva authored six monographs, including The Celebration of Death in Contemporary Culture (The University of Michigan Press, 2017 (Russian translation «Занимательная смерть: развлечения эпохи антигуманизма», The New Literary Observer, 2020), Nightmares: From Literary Experiments to Cultural Project (Brill, 2013), Portrait critique de la Russie: Essais sur la société gothique (Les éditions de Aube, 2012). Her books were reviewed by Cultural Critique, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Slavic Review, Slavic and East European Journal, The Russian Review, The Slavonic and East European Review, Journal of Russian Communications, The New Literary ObserverThe Polish Review, among others. Her numerous articles have appeared in journals including Communist and Post-Communist StudiesSocial ResearchAnnales: Histoire, Sciences SocialesLe DébatMerkurSocial Sciences InformationThe South Atlantic Quarterly, Russian Literature. In 2016, she received an Invited Professorship at the Écoles des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.


Research Fields:
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Russian
  • History and Memory
  • Language and Popular Culture
  • Literature


  • LMC-2823: Special Topics-Lit/Cult
  • LMC-3202: Studies in Fiction
  • RUSS-1250: Vampires International
  • RUSS-1813: Special Topics
  • RUSS-2001: Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSS-3001: Advanced Russian I
  • RUSS-3002: Advanced Russian II
  • RUSS-3005: Russian for Herit Spkrs
  • RUSS-3222: Russ 20th Cent Lit&Film
  • RUSS-4300: Imperial Imagination
  • RUSS-4500: Intercultural Seminar
  • RUSS-6500: Intercultural Seminar
  • RUSS-8804: Special Topics