Why Give?

The liberal arts have always played a vital role at Georgia Tech, beginning when the Georgia School of Technology opened its doors in 1885. The Ivan Allen College advances the academic rigor, depth and scope of intellectual inquiry, the innovation, and entrepreneurship for which Georgia Tech is known. With six schools, fourteen research centers, and over 140 permanent faculty, the College is entrusted to sustain the Ivan Allen legacy of humanitarian vision, social courage, social justice, and civic leadership.

Without your support, the Ivan Allen College would not be able to improve the human condition in fields like computing, media, technology, public policy, and national security. Philanthropy is critical to a sustainable future for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

By giving to the Ivan Allen College, you can:

  • Support innovative research
  • Enrich learning experiences by funding state of the art facilities
  • Ensure future students receive a quality education at an affordable price
  • Attract and retain top faculty members with endowed professorships and chairs
  • Help the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts keep pace with the ever-growing gap between advances in technology and the humanities and social sciences
  • Fund scholarships for students in need
  • Play a role in innovations that improve people’s lives

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A Reason to Give


The adventure continues. An adventure steeped in scholarship, lighted by a legacy, grounded in gratitude, and powered by a promise. That promise being that Pam and I will continue the journey, doing as much as we can, for as long as we can, as Tech and the Ivan Allen College grow into the years ahead.

       – Col. Stephen C. Hall, donor for the Stephen C. Hall Building for Writing and Communication