What Is Black Joy, and How Is It Connected to Juneteenth?

Andre Brock

Posted June 16, 2022

External Article: Everyday Health

André Brock, associate professor of media studies in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, was quoted in the article "What Is Black Joy, and How Is It Connected to Juneteenth?" by Everyday Health on June 16. 

An excerpt: 

“Juneteenth is a moment of joy,” says Brock. “Yes, it's celebrating a moment where we found out we were free, but since then, it's also become — depending on which neighborhood or city you live in — it’s a picnic, it's a DJ, it's kids doing games and contests. It's cookouts and everything else. It's not simply breaking the chains every time we get together on Juneteenth. It's the celebration of us as a community.”