Class of 2023: Jacob Young

Jacob Young is graduating with a B.S. in History, Technology, and Society and a B.S. in International Affairs. He shares his future plans and favorite memories from his time at Georgia Tech. 

1. What are you looking forward to as you embark on life after Georgia Tech?

In the short term, I am definitely looking forward to taking some time to relax this summer. I’ll be starting grad school in the fall, so I am also looking forward to that.

2. How was your experience at Georgia Tech?

If I had to describe my experience at Georgia Tech, I would say that it was very fast-paced. Freshman orientation really does not feel that long ago, but so many things have happened since fall of 2019. I got a bit of the pre-, mid-, and post-pandemic college experience, and I truly stayed busy all four years with classes and student organizations.

3. Where will you be looking to work after graduation?

After I graduate, I’ll get a master’s in international affairs here at Tech. I am definitely keeping my options open in terms of employment after that — there are so many different things I find interesting that it is very hard to narrow them down.

4. Why did you choose Georgia Tech to further your education?

First, I liked that it is in a city, within walking distance of anywhere I would need to be. Also, a lot of people I knew were going to Tech, and I have been lucky to maintain a lot of my closest friendships from high school. Finally, in-state tuition and the Zell Miller scholarship made Tech the best option financially.

5. What is your favorite memory from Georgia Tech?

It’s hard to choose one specific memory, but I think when I look back on my time here, I will really appreciate that I got to have some of my best friends as roommates every year I’ve lived on campus. Not many people get to have that when they are in college, and it has definitely improved my experience.

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Jacob Young
Jacob Young