Class of 2023: Vikas Madhav Nagarajan

Vikas Madhav Nagarajan is graduating with an M.S. in Public Policy. He shares his future plans and favorite memories from his time at Georgia Tech.

1. What are you looking forward to as you embark on life after Georgia Tech?

I am looking forward to being able to use the skills I have acquired over the years in academia towards serving the country as a staffer at Capitol Hill. I take this obligation to the Constitution very seriously and really look forward to bringing to D.C. the talent that Georgia Tech has to offer.

2. How was your experience at Georgia Tech?

Good! While I have had a complicated relationship with Atlanta, I do enjoy my time at Tech, be it in classes or birdwatching or getting students registered to vote. It has been a blast and I will miss being here.

3. Where will you be looking to work after graduation?

I will be aiming for jobs on Capitol Hill.

4. Why did you choose Georgia Tech to further your education?

Funny story. I am an engineer. So, when I applied to Tech, I did with the security that if policy was not for me, I could slide my way into the engineer side of things again. I'm glad to report that I will be graduating with a Public Policy degree.

5. What is your favorite memory fromGeorgia Tech?

I think my favorite memory at campus is standing up for all students who call the Georgia Tech campus home, celebrating Pride Fest, and registering 75+ students to vote on the spot.

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Vikas receiving an award
Vikas posing with an award plaque