Class of 2023: Nora Fahim

Nora Fahim is graduating with a B.S. in Economics and International Affairs and a minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. She shares her future plans and favorite memories from her time at Georgia Tech.

1. What are you looking forward to as you embark on graduation?

I look forward to seeing where my career will take me and how I will utilize the skills I have learned at Tech to pave my unique path.

2. How was your experience at Georgia Tech?

My experience at Georgia Tech was nothing short of phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to become a part of an amazing and supportive community filled with driven and inspirational peers. Providing so many opportunities for personal and career growth, I am very grateful for everything Georgia Tech has offered me.

3. Where will you be looking to work after graduation?

I will work with Deloitte as a risk and financial advisory analyst in Sacramento, California.

4. Why did you choose Georgia Tech to further your education?

I chose Georgia Tech to further my education for a plethora of reasons, mainly because of the STEM designation that underpins all economics degrees. I loved that even though I wanted to pursue a liberal arts field of study, I would not be limited in how I could apply my degree. The flexibility and potential offered by the economics and international affairs dual-degree program were unmatched.

5. What is your favorite memory from Georgia Tech?

I have made so many favorite memories while at Georgia Tech that it's hard to choose, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be participating in the exchange program in Dubai. During my time abroad, I developed my passion for Middle Eastern studies and made some of my best friends along the way!

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